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Ang Gulong at Kalso

Merong isang street samin na maraming naka-park na sasakyan. Iba’t-ibang klase. May Van, Sedan, SUV, Tricycle at merong malaking Truck.
Habang naglalakad ako may napansin ako, although hindi na ito bago pero napaisip ako. Napansin ko ‘yung naka-harang na kahoy sa likod ng gulong ng truck(see image below).


Natanong ko ‘yung sarili ko kung kaya ba talagang pigilan ng isang kahoy ‘yung malalaking sasakyan na ‘yun? Kasing laki kaya ng ordinaryong bahay ‘yung truck! Based on physics, YES. Kayang-kaya lalo na kung hindi naman umaandar ng mabilis ‘yung sasakyan at hindi naman slanted yung daan.

Then na-realize ko na parang buhay rin natin. Yung kahoy na nakaharang ang nagsisilbing DOUBTS & FEARS na’tin. Napakaliit na bagay pero kayang pumigil ng malaking truck. Napakaliit na pagdududa o takot pero kaya na nito pigilan ang napalalaki mong pangarap. Simpleng “hindi ko kaya ‘yan” o “baka mag fail lang ako” ay kaya nang pumigil at pumatay ng mga pangarap.


Good news dahil madalas, ikaw lang rin naman ang naglalagay nung harang. Kung ikaw ang naglagay, ikaw rin ang magtatanggal”.


Aim Global Recognized as Best Global Company for this year 2017 by A.N.C.E 

Our hard work has been recognized once again!
During the 4th Asian Networkers’ Convention and Expo on March 26-27, 2017, AIM Global is recognized as the Best Global Company of the Year! While our President/CEO, Dr. Ed Cabantog, is given the Lifetime Achievement Award!



Here are the other awards given to our leaders:

• Asian Networkers Hall of Fame:


• Female Rising Star award:
• HOF/DC/Elite GA/ MC Ms.Mylin Ebdane


• People’s Choice Best Speaker of the Year :   Elite GA/MC Marco Mallari
Congratulations to all the awardees!


Dear “You”

​Dear You,

You keep going to a job you hate, doing work that doesn’t interest you and working towards a career that you are not even remotely passionate about.

You keep spending money you don’t have on things you don’t really want or care for and wonder why you are in the position you are currently in.

You have a lazy attitude when it comes at your health and you keep over eating and only exercise when you need to squeeze into that dress for someone’s wedding. Then, you wonder why you don’t have the energy to work on your dreams, goals and yourself.

You are more interested in being entertained than learning,growing and developing as a person. So you waste your time playing candy crush and watching the latest TV Series at night rather than reading books that will change your life or working on your blue print for success,joy and fulfillment.

Please don’t be surprised or disappointed if your dreams don’t ever come true. They simply can’t come true because you keep doing the same things that everyone also does and you think for some strange reason the outcome of your life will be different.

I am here to tell you it won’t be different if you keep doing what you have been doing up to this point of your life.

Unless you can start thinking differently and change yourself and your life your dreams are unlikely to ever come true. 

It’s up to you to change yourself and your actions, habits, attitude, beliefs, and values so that you can creat the life and results you want.


Joe Duncan