Global Business Packages

Your Global Business Package

Your SMALL Investment to becoming a millionaire in so short a time

Your Global package is packed with real value. So you are not investing on thin air. This is an investment that in the beginning you are a sure win. Now, your task, if you want to be a millionaire is to work – recruit new members and sell the products.

There are no unnecessary risks involved like in regular business ventures. And there are real testimonies of real people becoming millionaires in such a short period of time. Who says you’re too late to enter into AIM Global networking? Worldwide, the total member of AIM Global is only about 1 million. We are still a very long way to saturation of the market. Are your friends already a member? Expand your area of marketing. Use Facebook to connect to friends and make them order in our site and make sure that they indicate you as their recruit. Email or text us also so we will know that your downline is going to order with us anytime.




What your Global Business Package Include

The amount you paid for the Global Business Package is way below the actual value of the products,discounts and privileges that comes with every package. Truly, a REAL VALUE for your money.

Product Package

Your product package depends on the type of combo package you choose. You can use these products personally or sell to friends at a profit.


Membership ID and Form

With every Global Business Package bought, you are given a Membership ID. This membership ID will be used in encoding your recruits in your personal website. The membership form must be filled up completely and sent back to us for recording. Pls. make sure that the information contained herein are accurate. Your registration with AIM Global is permanent and any potential income that will enure into the system can be inherited by your family. Your position in the genealogy of the AIMGlobal may continue to earn without you knowing. So, it is best that you regularly check your personal website.

Pre-Sales Kit

The Sales kit includes the AIM Global brochure, CD, leaflets and flyers of the products. You can use this sales kit when presenting the opportunity to your potential recruit.

25% Lifetime Discount on All AIM Global Products

As member, you are entitled a 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products. Check here your distributor’s price whenever you purchase AIM Global products.

Discount Privileges with Affiliate Schools and Clinics

As AIM Global member, you are also entitled to discount privileges with our affiliate schools and clinics. Some Gift Certificates are already included in your package. However, you need check on the list below for the specific discount privileges that you are entitled. If you want to avail any of the privileges, pls. email us so that we can confirm and verify with specific entity.

Personal Accident Insurance

As member, you are automatically insured with a Personal Accident Insurance up to P200,000.00 with Prudential Guarantee for a period of 1 year from date of registration.

ATM Card Bank Account Application

You need to fill-up an ATM card application for Banco de Oro (BDO) for Philippine residents or China Trust if you are residing abroad, if you don’t have an account with these banks yet. This bank account will be linked to your website where your income from selling AIM Global products will be credited. ATM card opening fee is P200.00 which must be paid separately. If you have an existing account with these banks, you can just send us a deposit slip of BDO or ChinaTrust with your name and account number in it, and three (3) signatures at the back of the slip.

Personal Website

After you have purchased the Global Business Package, we will create your Personal website which can be viewed here using your membership ID. In this website, you will find here in your dashboard, the different income earned, your genealogy, etc. It is important that you regularly check your website even when you have been a member for a long time since it is possible that your account still earns without you knowing. It is possible that you will have a downline that is very hardworking and is very active in recruiting. It is possible that by just buying a pair of work of your recruits, you can take advantage of match bonus of the binary system. Your Global Package comes with leaflet on how to create your website. However, we will handle this procedure for first time buye

 A Convenient Global Business

Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with seven (7) major ways to earn through the AIM Global International Expansion Program. A very convenient business where there is no need to stock on inventory. No employee payroll and problem staff to attend to. AIM Global is expanding worldwide. You can market to these countries where AIM Global has presence. You can ask your recruits to order from the BCO in their country or contact us so we can facilitate the ordering. Truly, a convenient business you can be proud of promoting.

                            Purchase Your Global Package Today!



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