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Any person of at least eighteen (18) years old, a corporation, partnership or legal entity may apply and become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor. An applicant who wishes to become a Distributor must be capable of entering into a contract in accordance with the laws of the Philippines and must comply with all legal requirements for conducting business in the Philippines.

How to Become Alliance in Motion Global Inc.Distributor

  • To become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL,INC.Distributor, an applicant must purchase of the Global Package amounting  to Php 12,980.
  • The applicant must then sign the Distributor Application Form found in the Global Package or register on the Distributors’ website.
  • An applicant shall read the Terms and Conditions of the company, indicated in the ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor Application form (DAF) and Distributor website and agree to abide by all their provisions

       WATCH THE VIDEO, for a quick guide on how to join Alliance in Global Motion Inc.



Step 1
You must have Sponsor (the person who invited you to join this great opportunity) before you  walk-in to any Business Center Office (s) in your area. Alternatively, you may arrange the sending of payment to your Sponsor to do it for you through Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram or Cebuana.
Step 2
You or your Sponsor will purchase our Global Package (prices vary per countries), if the center has the options, choose the product combination included in the Global Package that you’ll love the most.
Step 3
Finally, don’t forget to take the Registration Card that was included inside upon purchasing your Global Package, scratch the card’s ID Number & Security PIN then send the information back to your Sponsor (the person who introduced this business to you) and he/she will do the rest of registration for you. That’s all folks!
Step 4
But, if you wanna do the business… follow the marketing plan and attend our training’s. You must Learn before you Earn. Share your knowledge and help your group and team mates.
Step 5
Prepare 2 valid IDs (international if you were from abroad) as requirements to process your China trust ATM Visa Card where you can take your commission; for localsBPI BanKO  Cash Card are given. Processing fee applies to both ATM Cards but if you have existing BDO savings account that would be OK. Clear Photo ID and 4 signature in a plain paper to create your Laminated ID as being distributor of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc.

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