Members Lifetime Benefits


AIM Global Package Inclusions:

1.Product Discounts – Enjoy 25%-50% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products.

2.Personal Accident Insurance from Prudential Guarantee
~ Php 200,000 – Accident Insurance
~ Php 50,000 – Unprovoked Murder and Assault
~ Php 10,000 – Medical Reimbursement
~ Php 10,000 – Burial Assistance

3. Free Medical Checkup Go to affiliated clinics and hospitals

4. Business “Start-up Sales” Kit:
~ Folder for presentation
~ Video Presentation CD
~ Insurance Certificate
~ Scholarship Certificate

5. ATM Registration Form
The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.

6.Online Tracking System (Website/Webpage)
Your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors all your and your group’s successful sales transactions. It is real-time Internet-based access to your account 24/7.

7. Transferable Scholarship
Choose from our 300+ affiliated schools nationwide! This scholarship program may be given to anyone you know. Depending on the chosen school, discount on tuition ranges from 25% – 100% per semester, good for up to 5- year college course. See how much can be saved in college tuition – all for just P7,980.00.

8. Global Business
Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with Six (6) Major Ways to Earn through the AIM Global International Expansion Program.



Start an online and offline business with Aim Global! We are inviting interested people around the world who are in need of another source of income.specially if you are ; OFW's | EMPLOYEE | SELF-EMLPLOYED | STAY AT HOME PARENTS | STUDENTS | BUSINESS MEN | PROFESSIONALS | UNEMPLOYED | UNDER GRADUATE

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